Elgin Cold DucksMembership Application
Elgin Cold Ducks Snowmobile Club  P.O. Box 5330 .  Elgin, IL  60121

Note: As you are required to include copies of your insurance cards and payment with this application, we cannot process your membership electronically. You may either print this form and fill it out by hand, or fill it out online and print it. Then, mail it to the above address, along with your insurance and payment.

Allow us to introduce ourselves…
The Elgin Cold Ducks snowmobile club is a non profit organization which was incorporated on January 22, 1974 to promote safety and organize snowmobiling in the greater Elgin area. Our club is a member of Region 5 of the IASC (Illinois Association of Snowmobile Clubs.) Our members and supporters are not only from Elgin but the surrounding communities, towns and rural areas. We have alliances with other clubs in the area, which provide us an almost unlimited interconnecting trail system that can take you just about anywhere your heart desires.

The club offers many annual fun events paid for in part or entirely from your dues. The club picnic, hayride, organized snowmobile trips, local trail rides, trail work lunches, and the Christmas party are all part of it. Come join the fun! We meet as a club the third Tuesday of each month from September through April Village Squire in South Elgin. Meetings start at 7:00. Additional information about the club can be found on the web at http://coldducks.wpengine.com.


Section 1.  Membership of the club shall be unlimited. Family membership shall consist of the member, the spouse, and all children under 18 years of age residing in the household, including full time students.

Section 2. Application for membership can be made in writing, addressed to the membership chairperson of the club.

Choose one:

Membership Fee – $40.00

New membership Fee – $35.00

Board of directors membership Fee – $30.00

Social membership Fee – $30.00 (You do not ride and does not include a subscription to Illinois Snowmobiler Magazine.)

If renewal, how many years as member?

Note: $11.00 of your club dues pays
for your IASC membership and your subscription to Illinois Snowmobiler Magazine.

Member information:


Family members:

Spouse Name:  (if applicable)

Name:       Age:  Safety Certificate #:

Name:       Age:  Safety Certificate #:

Name:       Age:  Safety Certificate #:

Name:       Age:  Safety Certificate #:

As this is a working club, how might your family be willing to participate?

Board member
Trail work
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Check here if you would like your email address shared with other club members

You are required to carry insurance on all sleds which will operate on the trails. You will need to show proof of insurance for each machine to receive your trail sticker.

Insurance Co. Broker: City:               State:    Phone:      

Snowmobile information:

Make/Model:   Registration # State: Policy #:

Make/Model:   Registration #  State: Policy #:

Make/Model:   Registration #  State: Policy #:

Make/Model:    Registration #  State: Policy #:

Make/Model:  Registration # State: Policy #:

Make/Model:   Registration # State: Policy #: 

Please include copies of your insurance cards with your membership applications. Checks should be made out to: “Elgin Cold Ducks” and mailed to:
Elgin Cold Ducks Snowmobile Club, P.O. Box 5330, Elgin, IL. 60121